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By: Imbrium Systems

Linthicum, MD (January 7, 2016) – Imbrium Systems announced the release of the new on-line PCSWMM for Stormceptor® - an advanced stormwater treatment sizing and design tool. PCSWMM for Stormceptor is the fastest, easiest way to determine the most appropriate size hydrodynamic separator/ oil grit separator for your site.

PCSWMM for Stormceptor uses continuous simulation modelling to determine the most appropriate size Stormceptor treatment system for your site. The tool is based on the U.S. EPA’s SWMM (Storm Water Management Model).

“We upgraded PCSWMM for Stormceptor with the engineer in mind,” said Scott Perry, Director, Imbrium Systems. “It is the fastest way for engineers to size and design a Stormceptor Oil Grit Separator.”

PCSWMM for Stormceptor uses localized rainfall data from over 1,900 NOAA weather stations across North America and allows for site specific sizing and targeted annual sediment removal. It also provides a summary report that includes projected performance calculations. Also available online are specifications and standard drawings; all of which can be used by engineers in client meetings and regulatory approvals.

PCSWMM for Stormceptor is available at www.imbriumsystems.com/PCSWMM

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About Imbrium Systems

Imbrium® Systems is an engineered stormwater treatment company that designs and manufactures stormwater treatment solutions that protect water resources from harmful pollutants. By developing technologies to address the long-term impact of urban runoff, Imbrium ensures our clients’ projects are compliant with government water quality regulations. Imbrium’s Stormceptor is sold through our network of value-added licensees, providing the highest level of service at every stage of your project.