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By: Imbrium Systems
Toronto, ON (August 15, 2017) – Imbrium® Systems announced today the Jellyfish Filter has achieved ISO 14034 Environmental Management -- Environmental Technology Verification (ETV). The Jellyfish Filter is the first stormwater filter technology in Canada to receive third-party verification in accordance with ISO 14034 ETV. The verification’s technical and performance claim review was performed by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

ISO 14034 is an international standard developed with Canadian participation (supported by the Standards Council of Canada and led by Environment and Climate Change Canada) that provides a protocol for third-party verification of the performance claims of new technologies. In essence, ETV acts as a “seal of approval”, providing reassurance to markets and regulators that the claims of technology companies are valid.

The Jellyfish Filter, which was invented in Canada, is a stormwater quality treatment technology that protects waterways by removing high levels of pollutants from stormwater runoff, including TSS, phosphorus, nitrogen, metals, oil, trash and other debris.

“ISO 14034 Environmental Technology Verification of the Jellyfish Filter is a great step toward elevating stormwater treatment and design standards across Canada,” said Joel Garbon, Regulatory Manager for Imbrium Systems. “Engineers and local regulators will now have additional confidence when it comes to establishing high performance specifications for treatment of runoff.”

Based on its simple, sustainable design, high flow capacity, and well-documented pollutant removal performance, the Jellyfish Filter has been rapidly adopted as a favored treatment technology throughout North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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About Imbrium Systems
Imbrium® Systems is a company that designs and manufactures engineered stormwater treatment solutions for protection of water resources from harmful pollutants. By developing technologies to address the long-term impact of urban runoff, Imbrium ensures its clients’ projects are compliant with government water quality regulations. Imbrium’s Stormceptor® and Jellyfish® Filter technologies are sold through a network of value-added licensees, providing the highest level of service at every stage of your project.

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