Responding to market requests for smaller, LID-compatible treatment systems, Imbrium announces the launch of the Jellyfish Filter Catchbasin,
in both curb inlet and grated inlet configurations - Learn more


Roadways Pretreatment for bioretention
Green Infrastructure Treatment for rainwater harvesting
Urban Treatment - small drainage area Retrofits, redevelopment & new development

Jellyfish Filter Catchbasin - Learn more
Jellyfish Filter LID - Learn more
Jellyfish Filter Manhole - Learn more

Jellyfish® Filter Continues to Gain Regulatory Approvals!

Jellyfish Filter

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has included the Jellyfish Filter into the revised publication complying with the Edwards Aquifer Rules Technical Guidance- See Addendum Sheet

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has granted Final Certification to Imbrium Systems’ Jellyfish Filter. View - Press Release

View - NJDEP Certification Letter
Jellyfish Filter Animation

Stormceptor® - Raising the Bar with Over 40,000 Installations!

The Stormceptor is an underground stormwater quality treatment device that is unparalleled in its effectiveness for pollutant capture and retention. With over 40,000 systems operating worldwide Stormceptor delivers protection 24/7 in every story. Stormceptor - Read more

Stormceptor Platforms:
Stormceptor STC | Stormceptor OSR
Stormceptor EOS | Stormceptor MAX
Sorbtive® MEDIA – Proven Phosphorus Treatment
Sorbtive Filter

An oxide-coated engineered filtration media designed to capture high levels of dissolved phosphorus or dissolved metals. Each Sorbtive Media application can be designed to meet the site’s specific water quality performance objectives (effluent requirement) or TMDL and desired maintenance frequency. 

Capable of > 90% Total Phosphorus & Dissolved Phosphorus Removal
3rd Party Proven Performance --- more information contact us at

Sorbtive Media - Read more
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