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Photo of Stormceptor Systems

Stormceptor Systems

Stormceptor® is an oil grit separator designed to remove total suspended solids (TSS), oils, heavy metals, and nutrients. With over 40,000 systems operating worldwide, Stormceptor delivers protection 24/7.

Photo of Filterra biofiltration

Filterra biofiltration

Filterra is similar to bioretention in its function and application, but has been optimized for high volume/flow treatment and high pollutant removal. Its small footprint is ideal for Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) Design, and commonly used on highly developed sites such as landscaped areas, parking lots and streetscapes.

Photo of JellyFish Filter

JellyFish Filter

The Jellyfish® Filter is a stormwater treatment technology featuring pretreatment and membrane filtration in a compact stand-alone treatment system that removes a high level and a wide variety of stormwater pollutants.

Photo of Sorbtive Media

Sorbtive Media

Sorbtive® Media is an engineered media that absorbs and retains large amounts of dissolved phosphorus. Sorbtive Media provides 100 - 1,000 times more pollutant removal capability than conventional filtration media, and unlike other media, it does not leach pollutants.


Choosing the best stormwater treatment solution starts with partnering with the right company. A company that has the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice and assistance. That company is Imbrium.

From oil capture and Phosphorus reduction, to Low Impact Development and urban redevelopment, our stormwater experts have seen it all. Our case studies are examples how Imbrium and our licensees have collaborated with clients to solve the most challenging stormwater treatment problems, and in the most demanding environments.


Imbrium® Systems is an engineered stormwater treatment company that designs and manufactures stormwater treatment solutions that protect water resources from harmful pollutants. By developing technologies to address the long-term impact of urban runoff, Imbrium ensures our clients’ projects are compliant with government water quality regulations.

Imbrium products are sold through our network of value added partners. These partners provide the highest level of service at every stage of your project.