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Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Gagetown was officially opened in 1958 as a training facility. It boasts an 1,100 square km training area, 1,500 km of roads, 900 km of tracks, 740 buildings and some 6,000 military and civilian personnel at the main base and lodger units across New Brunswick and PEI. As such, CFB Gagetown is the second largest military base in Canada and the largest military facility in Eastern Canada. The base provides employment to approximately 4,500 military members and 1,500 civilians, contributing in excess of 200 million dollars to the local economy and 500 million to the provincial economy annually.

Base personnel operate numerous military vehicles daily, including wheeled and tracked carriers, tanks, armored vehicles, and other equipment designed to support the detection, investigation and disposal of buried improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

As part of the Base’s upgrade for the Outdoor Tank and Military Vehicle Washing Area, CFB Gagetown personnel installed a Stormceptor. The engineered design of the unit was centered on capture and retention of fine sediment particles, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), oils, lubricants and other hydrocarbons. These harmful pollutants if not gone untreated are present after being washed off the military vehicles exiting the training area. Previously, the effluent from the wash area went directly to a stream; exceeding both federal and provincial guidelines. In order to be environmentally compliant, CFB Gagetown officials decided to treat the Washing Area’s effluent to the most stringent standards and chose Stormdceptor because of its demonstrated and verified ability to capture fine sediment particles and hydrocarbons.

Monitoring of the Stormceptor performance at this site demonstrated a 95% reduction in the sediment, and 100% capture of hydrocarbons from the Wash Area. Installation of the Stormceptor 1500 has proven its capacity to protect the local environment and precious water resources.

“We installed the Stormceptor to eliminate the risk that the wash off effluent would have on the environment. The Stormceptor reduced TSS concentrations by 95 percent and totally captures all the oil and hydrocarbons that wash off the military vehicles. Thank you Stormceptor for making my job a little easier. We plan to install more Stormceptors at our next opportunity,” commented Sheldon Downe, LFAA, Officer of the Environment.

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