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Stormceptor was chosen to treat stormwater runoff at Logan Airport’s new Consolidated Rental Car facility. The main purpose of Massport’s Consolidated Rental Car facility, known as the Conrac, is to consolidate all airport-related rental operations and facilities into one integrated facility and to reduce the number of shuttle buses on airport roadways. Conrac is a key infrastructure project that will keep the Airport a vital regional aviation hub well into the 21st century. Ensuring that Conrac softened its environmental footprint within Boston Harbour was extremely important to the residents of this environmentally conscious region. Many other options such as bioretention, ponds, and other land-consuming treatment options which rely on infiltration could not be considered due to Logan’s limited and valuable space and claybased soils. For Logan, Stormceptor with the design flexibility made it the best treatment choice for this site.

Two Stormceptor units were installed on the Conrac project at the Robie Parcel because of their high treatment and storage capacity for sediment and hydrocarbons. These Stormceptor units were sized and designed for this site for optimal performance, having 839 cubic feet sediment storage and over 1,000 gallons of double-wall containment for hydrocarbon storage. In addition, to address vehicle traffic related pollution from the taxi pool, cell phone lot and bus/limo pool areas, the Conrac project also installed two submerged-designed Stormceptor units. As a result of backwater conditions, these units were custom engineered for the site’s coastal constraints, which is another design value inherent to the Stormceptor technology.

The project consists of replacing and upgrading a myriad of existing ground transportation uses in the area of the airport known as the Southwest Service Area to be more efficient, environmentally friendly and to improve customer service. The Conrac project will be a LEED certified four-level parking garage with approximately 1.3 million square feet of parking, office and checkin space.

“Massport continually strives to minimize the impact of its operations on the local environment. But it also has responsibility to improve the performance of those key transportation assets,” stated Jim Lyons, Sales Manager for Rinker Materials/Cemex USA.

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