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Strescon Limited in Saint John, NB, has now supplied the largest Stormceptor ever installed in Atlantic Canada. An STC 14000 was installed at the 16 acre (6.5 hectares) Costco Wholesale site in Fredericton, NB. The Costco site encompasses Corbett Brook and adjacent wetlands on the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Woodlot site.

The structure consisted of two tanks installed in series to treat the run off from the large site. Municipal officials and local environmentalists were concerned that stormwater pollution from the large Costco parking area would enter this sensitive wetlands area. The UNB Woodlot is home to various species, mature forest and wetlands. Rainwater captured by the UNB Woodlot supplies the headwaters and tributaries of Corbett Brook.

Even though the city of Fredericton has stormwater regulations in place requiring both quantity and quality control, this was an important site to have a Stormceptor, since all the stormwater from this site ends up in these sensitive wetlands. Thus, it is extremely important to keep hydrocarbons, Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and other pollutants out of New Brunswick waterways.

The Stormceptor comes in precast concrete manhole sections, so Strescon and Monteith Underground Services project managers were able to size the components of the tanks to allow their John Deere 450 to handle them without bringing in a boom truck or crane. This saved time and money – both vital considerations that made this project work.

On installation day, a representative from Strescon visited the site in case any unforeseen issues arose. Construction went smoothly and a post-installation inspection was completed. Both Stormceptors are GPS-located to allow for easy inspection and maintenance.

“Acadia Waste Petroleum has inspected and maintained Stormceptors for many years. Stormceptor’s advantages in cleaning up stormwater are easy to explain to customers. We find that they are easy to work on – especially when we have the GPS coordinates,” stated Normand Vaillancourt of Acadia Waste Petroleum.

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