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For years, the reservoir Beaudet has been studied due to sedimentation problems. It is located near the water intake of the City of Victoriaville. The site’s stormwater discharges into an existing storm sewer which flows into the River L’Abbé, which then flows to the Bulstrode River and into the reservoir.

Throughout the watershed there is a high interest to continually implement protective measures around the reservoir Beaudet, as it is the main source of drinking water for over 40,000 people in the City of Victoriaville. In summer, activities are available for recreation including; fishing, kayaking, canoe rentals, splash pad, bike and hiking paths, bird watching and picnic areas.

At the Industrial Site on Archibald-Campbell Street a treatment solution that minimized elevations losses had to be identified, while finding an approved product for 80% TSS and 40% phosphorus removal. In addition, it was necessary to respect the constraints of quantitative control of the MDDELCC while ensuring that the water level does not deliver to the proposed buildings and drains.

The engineer from exp performed an analysis of each of the stormwater technologies in the industry, and assembled a guide to help her colleagues at exp choose the appropriate treatment unit for each project. When it came time to design this Victoriaville project, the Jellyfish Filter was chosen above the rest based on verified performance, low driving head, cost and maintenance.

The Jellyfish Filter was installed downstream of a dry retention pond. The dry retention pond was designed to provide quantitative control and some pre-settling before runoff reaches the Jellyfish Filter where membrane filtration occurs prior to discharging downstream. The Jellyfish Filter combined with a dry retention pond, allowed the industrial site to undergo a more conventional land development process, while enabling compliance with the environmental and technical constraints of the project.

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