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The Town of Okotoks is an environmentally conscious bedroom community of just over 25,000 people, south of Calgary. Okotoks was one of the first communities in Canada to recognize its environmental limit to growth is the carrying capacity of the local watershed, in this case the Sheep River. This river and tributaries run right through the community and are important trout habitats, home to the mountain white fish along with many other wild life, as well supply artesian well drinking water.

As such, the Town wanted to clean up stormwater runoff that was entering nearby Sheep River at the existing Hunters Glen stormwater outfall. Protection of the Sheep River watershed has long been recognized as critical for maintaining water for the prairies, wildlife and people that exist in or near the area.

Lafarge North America, a Stormceptor licensee, designed and supplied a Stormceptor MAX oil and grit separator (OGS) to treat runoff from 45 hectares of pre-existing residential land that comprised the drainage area. The Stormceptor MAX was designed to remove over 80% of sediment, targeting coarse silts and sand-sized particles 50 microns in size and larger. This MAX unit was custom designed for the Town of Okotoks and consists of four pre-cast 2.44 m3 precast concrete boxes, and 1.80 m diameter inlet and outlet riser sections.

Lafarge includes a 5-year Maintenance Program with every Stormceptor unit, providing inspection and maintenance services in order to monitor captured pollutant levels. This program ensures each Stormceptor unit is being maintained and is functioning as designed. Within a six-month time period, the Town of Okotok’s Stormceptor MAX unit captured 12.3 m3 of sediment, demonstrating the effectiveness of the design and Stormceptor MAX technology, while ensuring that stormwater exiting this outfall is clean and treated prior to entering the Sheep River.

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