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The Hillside Baptist Church (HBC) in Moncton, New Brunswick got its start in 1974 when three smaller churches amalgamated, and now more than 600 congregants attend weekly Sunday services. With a growing church community, HBC made plans for an expansion. The result would be construction of a new, fully-furnished 8,100 square foot multi-purpose auditorium with seating capacity for 500 people, as well as additional parking capacity.

The City of Moncton strictly enforces the maintenance of stormwater infrastructure, so when HBC was examining options for stormwater treatment, high priority was placed on selecting technology that is easy and cost-effective to maintain, and that does not require confined space entry for inspection and cleanout. With this in mind, the design for treatment of stormwater runoff from the church parking lot called for installation of an in-line oil grit separator (OGS) that pretreats a swale.

A Stormceptor STC 750, manufactured and sold under license by Strescon Limited was selected based on a combination of features including high pollutant capture (greater than 80% free oil and grease required by the city without sorbent materials added) and retention, ease of inspection and maintenance, internal bypass design that permits in-line installation, and simple field constructability. The Stormceptor STC has no moving parts, and inspection and maintenance are easily performed from the surface. Pollutants such as sediment, oil, and other floatables are removed from the unit by a vactor truck. Compared to other OGS units, Stormceptor’s superior oil capture and scour prevention technology provide added value, and ensure a high level of stormwater treatment for the HBC site.

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