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Located in Quebec Canada, Ville de Boucherville is a town on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, a few kilometers from the Island of Montreal. Ville de Boucherville is a part of the agglomeration of Longueuil in Montérégie, Quebec, Canada.

Ville de Boucherville took advantage of the repairs to the Hélène-Boullé and Darontal Streets in order to improve the management of the sector’s stormwater. The stormwater in the neighborhood was conveyed directly to Sabrevios Creek, which is a sensitive environment where many fish live. The city wanted to reduce the total suspended solids (TSS) released in this watercourse. The city had an area of 5.07 Ha with a 49% imperviousness and a treatment flow rate of 263 L/s. The city wanted to remove 40% TSS in order to reduce the pollutant load entering the creek.

With no regulations at the stormwater management level, Ville de Boucherville took the initiative to reduce the impacts of the stormwater on their environment with installing a Stormceptor EF manufactured and sold under license by Lecuyer. The Stormceptor EF is an oil grit separator/hydrodynamic separator designed to protect waterways from hazardous material spills and stormwater pollution. Stormceptor EF effectively targets sediment (TSS), free oils, gross pollutants, and other pollutants that attach to particles, such as nutrients and metals.

Stormceptor EF and EFO claims to been verified in accordance with ISO 14034 Environmental Management - Environmental Technology Verification (ETV). ISO 14034 is an international standard developed with Canadian participation (supported by the Standards Council of Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada) that provides a rigorous protocol for verification of technology performance claims. In essence, ETV acts as a “seal of approval,” reassuring markets and regulators that the claims of technology companies are valid.

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