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In August of 2009 a massive storm hit Mississauga, Ontario which flooded approximately 400 homes. The damage from this storm was caused by the river overflowing its banks and directly entering the homes, as well as causing backups which flooded basements. This resulted in a $25-million project which intended to avoid a similar occurrence in the future. The City of Mississauga decided to implement the 11-hectare Cooksville Stormwater Management Pond. This pond functions like a giant reservoir slowing down the flow of water into the creek, as well as reducing the amount of pollutants entering the creek. “A portion of the project cost was funded by a stormwater charge the city implemented in 2016 as a fair and dedicated source of funding” stated Helen Noehammer, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Planning for Mississauga. Muneef Ahmad, City of Mississauga’s Manager of Stormwater Projects stated that “in the event of a one-in-one-hundred year storm the pond will reduce its impact by approximately 80%.

The stormwater pond was placed in the middle of an industrial park that is North of Matheson Boulevard West and at the headwaters of the Cooksville Creek. A 10’ wide by 60’ long Stormceptor® MAX was installed to pretreat the pond. Stormceptor® MAX is a customizable oil grit separator/hydrodynamic separator modularly designed to treat large drainage areas from stormwater pollution, including suspended sediments (TSS), free oils, floatables and other pollutants that attach to particles. Using the Stormceptor® MAX for pretreatment allows pollutants to be trapped prior to entering the pond. This reduces maintenance costs, prevents clogging of downstream structures, improves water quality, and ensures long term functionality of the pond. This is the largest of Mississauga’s 60+ stormwater facilities. The project area was finished off with a landscaped park with a walking trail, lookouts, and an open air plaza complete with benches, fitness equipment, and public art.

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