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The Brookside Mall Sobeys is a modern full-service grocery store located on Fredericton’s South Side. A variety of retailers, services, and lifestyle amenities make up this commercial area where a now demolished Target store once stood.

The initial stormwater plan called for runoff from the roof and parking lot to be treated using two Stormceptor STC 750 units each equipped with a nearby catch basin to capture surface flow. The project overlapped with Imbrium Systems’ ETV approval for the new Stormceptor EF/EFO. When the earthwork contractor, Chamac Construction Co., contacted Strescon Limited for a quote on the STC units, Strescon reviewed the plans and suggested the new Stormceptor EF as an alternative. The Stormceptor EF units could be configured with inlet grates, eliminating the need for separate structures. This would not only save money, but it would also make the installation simpler and faster. In addition, the site was flat and had limited slope. Using a multi-inlet Stormceptor STC required a 75mm drop across the structure, whereas the Storceptor EF only needed 25mm, making the design easier for the engineer and installation easier for the contractor.

The civil engineer, MEC engineering of Truro NS, approved the change, as the Stormceptor EFO has ETV / ISO verification, giving them confidence in the design & treatment capabilities of the new system. However, making this change also required approval from the City of Fredericton. Once the city was made aware of the new products and the independent 3rd party testing using the ETV / ISO protocol, they approved the change.

The two Stormceptor EFO structures were manufactured, shipped to the site, and installed. A site visit by Strescon ensured everything was installed properly.

Although Stormceptor STC has a long history of successfully treating stormwater, the next generation Stormceptor EF offers engineers and contractors increased flexibility including accepting flow from a single inlet pipe, multiple inlet pipes, and from the surface through an inlet grate. Stormceptor EF can also accommodate a 90-degree inlet to outlet bend angles and tailwater conditions, making it the most flexible oil-grit separator on the market.

The new Sobeys is now open for business and people driving over these structures have no idea that the local waterways and well fields are being protected from TSS, heavy metals, & hydrocarbons from the Stormceptor EF systems that are underground.

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