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The City of Calgary needed to update their underground infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the city. As the city grows, the underground infrastructure needs expand to accommodate the increased volumes of stormwater. This project involved relocating old storm diversion lines allowing them to increase flow capacity through the lines and improve the quality of water at discharge. The quality of water was a concern as the stormwater line re-introduced runoff directly into the Glenmore Reservoir which supplies South Calgary’s drinking water. Regulations called for 80% TSS removal of the 90% average annual runoff volume of a 160 hectare site that was 57% impervious. For this project the City of Calgary chose to use Imbrium’s Stormceptor® MAX solution.

Stormceptor MAX is a customizable oil grit separator (hydrodynamic separator) modularly designed to treat stormwater runoff and hazardous material spills from large drainage areas and industrial sites, including treatment of total suspended solids (TSS), oil and fuel, floatables, and other pollutants that attach to sediment particles.

In addition to water quality, the other concern The City of Calgary had was minimizing the impact to the local community as the project disrupted access to a popular public park. To accommodate this concern, Lafarge and city engineers created a design that could be installed during the winter (-20º C) to minimize disruption during the regular construction season and to park lands during summer season. This particular Stormceptor MAX is the largest structure of this type that has been installed in Western Canada.

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