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With the increase in housing costs in Vancouver, now more than ever, it has become essential to provide functional, safe, and affordable housing to new and old residents. New Chelsea Society is a well-known nonprofit providing affordable housing in British Columbia. The New Chelsea Society developments on 75th and 95th Marine Drive, in partnership with the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia, have provided 102 new affordable homes for families and seniors.

The City of Vancouver requires the removal of 80% of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) from urban stormwater runoff for new development. Protecting natural water bodies, such as the Frasier River, has been a central focus for the City as development increases. Capturing the fine silt particles in urban runoff requires filtration treatment, and the Jellyfish® Filter excels in capturing a wide range of particulates and particulate-bound pollutants such as nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons. The Jellyfish Filter dramatically reduces the amount of stormwater pollutants that enter the City storm sewer and subsequently discharge into the Frasier River. 

Jellyfish Filter is a popular stormwater treatment solution in Vancouver’s dense urban environment and is typically installed in the parkade or mechanical room within a hi-rise building. The Jellyfish Filter is highly flexible in layout and application, with filter cartridges ranging from 15 to 54 inches in length and various vault and manhole options to best fit an installation with limited overhead and floor space. The Jellyfish Filter can also be accessed from the floor above via manhole access or from the same floor via a removable lid for maintenance and inspection purposes. 

For the project at 75th and 95th Marine Drive, each development used a 4-foot x 6-foot Langley Concrete vault with 27-inch long filter cartridges and 40-inch long filter cartridges, respectively. The devices were installed in the corner of the parkade, adjacent to parking spaces, taking up very little space from the revenue-generating parking lot. A 36-inch diameter manhole was cast into a concrete vault lid in the floor above the device, which allows easy access to the device for maintenance workers and vacuum truck service from street level. 

Imbrium Systems and Langley Concrete worked closely with the civil engineering consultants and mechanical consultants to ensure the Jellyfish Filter would fit the space and provide the required treatment capacity to meet the water quality objectives. Working with the contractor and owner/developer, Langley Concrete provided free on-site installation consulting, filter cartridge installation, and inspections.

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